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Teal Realty & Development

Who are we?

Teal Realty and Development is Acadiana’s premier real estate development firm.  Located in Youngsville, Louisiana, Teal Realty has more than 30 years of industry-leading experience in the planning, construction and operation of
commercial real estate assets. Teal Realty also offers a wide array of property
management and real estate development services.

Teal Realty: At The Heart of it All

We understand the value of your time and money, and we treat all of our
clients—big or small—with the respect and professionalism their projects require.

Teal Realty and Development has been family-owned and operated since its very  inception, and we love nothing more than helping similar businesses turn a profit and add value to our community.

If you have a project and you need consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Project History

March 2010 | Metairie Centre Founded
August 2010 | McDonald’s Opens
November 2010 | Walgreens Opens
February 2012 | Phase 2 Construction Begins
October 2012 | Building 1 Tenants Open
February 2013 | Building 2 Construction Begins
November 2013 | Building 2 Tenants Open
March 2014 | Building 3 Construction Begins
October 2014 | Building 3 Tenants Open
December 2014 | Building 4 Construction Begins
August 2015 | Building 5 Construction Begins
October 2015 | Buildings 4 and 4A Open
October 2016 | Building 7 Construction Begins
November 2016 | Building 5 Tenants Open

Our Services

Teal Realty won’t just help you find an office to lease, we’ll help you build a
property-use plan to help you succeed. Our development and management
services are client-oriented and designed to help maximize your value and profit while protecting you from unnecessary risk.

Residential Development

While Teal Realty and Development has had a great deal of success in the
commercial real estate arena, we also offer residential development planning and residential property management services.

Whether you’re planning to build a neighborhood or looking for a trustworthy property management company, our experts can help you increase profits and maximize the value of your real estate investments.

Commercial Development

Our greatest strength lies in our commercial and retail wing. In 2010, Teal Realty began work on what would become the Metairie Centre, Youngsville’s premier shopping center and mixed-use development. Since breaking ground, more than 30 businesses have moved into the Metairie Centre, creating more than 200 permanent jobs for Acadiana residents.

We at Teal Realty care about more than just being the region’s best real estate development firm. We also care about using our resources and expertise in a way that benefits our neighbors. It’s this philosophy which has caused the vast majority of the Metairie Centre’s tenants to be drawn from locally-owned and operated businesses—more than 90 percent of the Metairie Centre’s lessees.

Property Sales and Leasing

Our property management team can help you find qualified lessees to get the most value out of your commercial or residential property.

If you’re looking to sell your land, call on Teal Realty to lean on our extensive connections within the real estate development and investment community to find you a buyer, quick.

Site Selection

We know that the act of picking property with growth potential is an art. If you’re looking for an experienced guide through the world of real estate development, let our site selection experts assist you in finding land suited for your project.

Financial Analysis

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the buying, selling, leasing and
management areas, we have unique insight into the financial planning necessary to turn a development from a dream into a profit-generating reality. Let the financial analysts at Teal Realty go over your plans to help you cut costs and maximize the value of your investment.

Who we are