Teal Realty & Development


Teal Realty & Development

Teal Realty & Development is based in Youngsville, Louisiana, and has been operating in the Lafayette and Acadiana area since 1984. In this time, Teal has been involved in the development of commercial office complexes, numerous large-scale renovation and turnaround efforts, as well as the purchase, sale and operation of properties of all types and sizes.

Teal’s in-house capabilities include commercial and residential development, property sales and leasing, asset and property management, site selection, real estate investments, placemaking and much more. Teal also offers complete real estate advisory services: whether it’s guidance through the development process, determining best methods to maximize property values and profitability, performing financial analysis or evaluating investment opportunities.

No project is too large or too small, and Teal has been proudly family-owned and operated since the very beginning. If there is any project you would like to discuss or get consultation on, feel free to contact us!

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