Perfectly settled in the heart of Acadiana is a fast-growing community filled with attractive amenities and a slew of new residential and commercial developments. With nearly 13,000 residents, the bustling city of Youngsville is the perfect landscape for success. It’s here that the lines between work, live, play, eat and shop fade and the opportunities for growth and development are endless—here, you can do it all. It’s no wonder Youngsville was named in the top 3 Best Places to Live in Louisiana for 2018!

Since 2010, Teal Realty and Development has called Youngsville home; more specifically, the master-planned, mixed-use development Metairie Centre. From new neighborhoods, restaurants and schools to specialty shops and shared office spaces, Youngsville meets the demands of our team’s busy lifestyles and has continued to attract a growing number of similarly-minded residents. In fact, there’s been a 57 percent increase in the population from 2010 to 2016, and the city is projected to continue growing by more than 341 percent by 2040. And it’s not just the population that’s growing—Metairie Centre alone has brought over 30 businesses and more than 200 full-time, permanent jobs to the area, complementing the city’s incredible growth and vibrant culture.

My favorite part of being here is how our thriving, small-town community has embraced every development—small or large—with warm welcomes and constant support. Youngsville businesses benefit from the close-knit environment that allows them to engage with local residents, forming long-term relationships and offering greater flexibility while helping our community strive for a richer, healthier and happier future together.

“Local business drives and strengthens our economy,” said Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter at his annual address to the Youngsville Chamber of Commerce, “but it’s the community that has made it possible for Youngsville to stand where we are today.

“We’re excited to enable residents and businesses to thrive in an environment that produces a vibrant, active and successful community for everyone.”

Over the past few years, we’ve seen exciting developments like the opening of Southside High School—the first new public high school to be built in Lafayette Parish in 47 years—the announcement of three new residential subdivisions and the opening ceremonies for the 2018 PONY Mustang World Series Baseball Tournament recently hosted at the Youngsville Sports Complex which brought in more than 350,000 attendees.

Within Metairie Centre, we are excited that businesses like Toot Toot’s Kitchen, the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Isla & Ivy Boutique, The Piano Studio and the award-winning Morgan Street Dance Company have made Youngsville their home this year—and we’re excited to say that this is just the beginning!

At Teal Realty, our focus and passion is helping local businesses add value to our community. I’m honored to not only witness the growth of Youngsville but to be a part of building a better, more enjoyable Acadiana.

See our vision in action, thanks to KLFY TV-10.